Information about Haiti

Haiti , officially known as the Republic of Haiti or in French, République d'Haïti, is a nation in the Caribbean dominated by Creole and French speaking people. The name means “ Mountainous Land” and derives from the Taino word Ayti. The capital is Port-au-Prince and it is the chief Francophone nation in the Caribbean with French being one of its official languages and Haitian Creole. The most educated and professional use French to conduct business and amongst their social circles but the entire population can speak Haitian Creole. The majority of the population follows Christianity with Catholicism being the state religion.

Haiti is unique in many ways – firstly it resides in the island of Hispaniola along with the Dominican Republic. It was not only the first independent nation in the Caribbean; it was also the first post-colonial independent nation in the world that was led by blacks and due to a successful slave rebellion, it is the only nation that gained independence due to this revolution. The country is rich with culture with a mixture of French, African, Taino, Spanish, European and Portuguese elements infused in the history, painting, sculptures, cuisine and people.


Another interesting aspect of the Haiti people and the country is the importance of carnival season. Whether it’s the Mardi Gras Jacmel Carnival or the Carnival of Port-au-Prince, the streets are filled with vivid floats, colorful costumes, dancing people and stunning masks complete with vibrant music to set the scene.


Haiti boasts fine cuisine with Caribbean characteristics evident in the style. Comprising spices, varieties of beans and rice, cassava, yam, maize with Spanish and African influences, the food is delightful.